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Exclusive December Discount

Available from 1st to 21st December 2015

PSL Product of the Month - GFD Lab Filter Dryer

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Lab scale filtration and drying made easy with PSL's GFD, on offer during December 2015.

The GFD is a miniature version of a production filter dryer allowing easy lab scale filtration, washing and drying with the same reliability and benefits as full size agitated nutsche filter dryers.

Glass Filter Dryers from PSL, on offer during December 2015

The GFD is suitable for any laboratories' needs and is available in three sizes: MINI LAB (0.002m.sq.), LAB (0.01m.sq.) and MAXI LAB (0.05m.sq.), it's technology supersedes dated methods such as Buchner filtration.

PSL's Glass Filter Dryer works on a vacuum and has a heated jacket for drying and a removable filtration basket for product collection. The vessel is available in glass borosilicate or metallic option for higher pressure requirement. A range of filtration material and porosities is also available.

Terms of the offer:

Available from 1st December to 21st December 2015 for any purchase order received for a Mini, Lab or Maxi Lab GFD. To validate this offer you must include the discount code 'GFD/Dec15' with your order. Discount applied to main unit only, excluding spares, options, packing, shipping and taxes. Discounted rate available; 5% for the Mini Lab (Pf-00001 & Pf-00004), 5% for the Lab (Pf00002 & Pf-00005), 10% for the Maxi Lab (Pf-00003). Available while stocks last.

For more information on Lab Filter Dryer Technology from PSL, please email the GFD Team

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