PSL have kindly been invited to appear in Madrid as guests of our Spanish partner Branir on their booth 60&61.


PSL is demonstrating the ground-breaking GFD® Lab Filter Dryer, part of the PSL GFD product range. Lab scale filtration and drying are made easy with the GFD, from laboratory synthesis with direct scale up capability up to production.

Exclusive offer to FarmaForum attendees: Available only on orders placed during FarmaForum 2015, from 4th to 5th March 2015 for any purchase order received for a Mini, Lab or Maxi Lab GFD. To validate this offer you must include the discount code ‘Farma15PSLiberica’ with your order. Discount applied to main glass unit only, excluding spares, options, packing, shipping and taxes. Discounted rates available are; 5% for the Mini Lab (Pf-00001), 5% for the Lab (Pf00002), 10% for the Maxi Lab (Pf-00003). Available while stocks last.


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