Contained Powder Handling


PSL has a complete range of contained vessel charging solutions that will protect both the operator and the product down to nanograms containment levels. The appropriate level of containment can be selected to suit specific operating procedures.

Our glovebox isolator is suitable for charging slurry and powder into reactors and other vessels from small-scale synthesis to full scale production.

Contained vessel charging benefits:
  • Assessment of powder transfer method and powder handling characteristics
  • Evaluation of materials handling including manual or mechanically assisted requirements
  • Vessel isolation method
  • Assessment of pressures or steam in place requirements
  • 3D models and full scale mock-ups available
  • Assured containment to nanogram levels
  • Total expertise from an original containment pioneer
  • Precision built systems designed for longevity
Contained vessel charging design features available:
  • cGMP
  • Systems to handle bags, drums, Rapid Transfer Ports (RTPs), split valves
  • Variable drum sizes accommodated
  • Drum vapour control available
  • Supply of hoists and docking systems
  • PSL low profile pressure-rated plug valves
  • Nitrogen purge system
  • Clean-in-place (CIP) system
  • Safe change HEPA filters (push-push) including remote design
  • Lift up windows for ease of maintenance
  • Front and rear operator working positions
  • Functional safety interlocks
  • Ergonomically located display panel
  • Designed according to required universal regulations
  • Standard 4mm stainless steel main body construction
  • Variable speed automatic pressure control circuit
  • Mobile designs
  • Available for small-scale synthesis application

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