Contained Powder Handling

PSL is regarded as a pioneer of designing and engineering advanced containment processes for highly potent and valuable products, from laboratory R&D to production scale processes. We engineer precision built systems for high containment to nanogram levels.

PSL’s high containment gloveboxes/isolators can be designed as stand alone pieces of contained powder handling equipment or as a fully integrated production line. We are always looking to innovate for the future and engineer solutions to suit your requirements.

PSL provides 3D models and full-scale product mock-ups for our gloveboxes/isolators. This allows ergonomic aspects to be addressed and the placement of process equipment to be reviewed and modified prior to production. Our established supply chain management ensures all components, sourced from across the globe, are of the highest quality and value. This enables market savings to be passed onto our customers.

Fully integrated clinical trial production line within high containment isolators, installed on site

High Containment, Total Synthesis Solution, Clinical Trial Isolator

Total Synthesis Solution - Multi-Purpose, Integrated High Containment glovebox/isolators