Contained Process Solutions

PSL is an original pioneer of containment and has 22 years of experience designing and engineering advanced containment processes from small scale production to full process systems.
We support the global pharmaceutical, biopharmaceutical, chemical and laboratory industries with complete quality and safety assured containment solutions for highly potent and valuable products.

Our established team of process experts provides innovative solutions to suit every process and application − from simple,
small scale isolators to complex multi-chamber contained
glovebox process solutions. We operate the latest global technology for containment production and utilise continual experience and feedback from over 30 countries.

PSL provides 3D models and full scale product mock-ups of your chosen containment equipment. This allows ergonomic aspects to be addressed and the placement of process equipment to be reviewed and modified prior to production. We guarantee reliable manufacture quality through precision built systems designed for performance longevity.

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High volume, high containment multi-purpose dispensary

High volume, high containment multi-purpose dispensary.