Filter Dryers

GFD® – Lab Glass Filter Dryers | patent pending

PSL’s lab glass filter dryer (GFD) is an innovative piece of small scale synthesis/lab filtration and drying or pilot plant equipment. The GFD is a miniature version of a production filter dryer/filter drier, allowing simple lab filtration and drying with the same reliability and benefits as full size PSL filter dryer/filter drier products. PSL’s full range of lab glass filter dryers including MINI LAB GFD, LAB GFD and MAXI LAB GFD ensure that any laboratories’ needs are fulfilled.

As a piece of advanced lab filtration and drying apparatus, the GFD works on a vacuum, has a heated jacket for drying and our unique lift-out filtration basket for collection of the product. The GFD is an enhanced simplistic version of filter dryer/filter drier that provides modern filtration and drying techniques for small scale synthesis.

GFD benefits:
  • Batch homogeneity
  • Processes visibility
  • Removable filter basket
  • Improved yield
  • Minimum process disruption
  • Easy cleaning
  • Reduced product exposure
  • Simplified scale-up

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