Capsule filling machines and tablet presses are expensive long term investments. The conundrum for manufacturing is how to address increased safety requirements from ever increasing drug potency.

It is not normally viable to replace existing machines with new high containment versions, and sometimes a quicker solution is required if a new production demand needs to be considered. We have resolved these needs over many years and are able to efficiently implement a retrofit system, which is bespoke designed to suit a specific model.

Our latest retrofit solution comprises a Bosch capsule filling machine which was completed for a US drug manufacturer.

The design includes the gloves being held in special gloveport retainers with integral safety interlocked guards. Our client required less than 1ųg /m³ Operator Exposure Level (OEL) and asked us to retrofit containment onto their existing capsule filling machine.

We removed the existing doors and retrofitted new swing-out doors with safety interlocks and paid close attention to the operational and maintenance access of the machine.

To view our full page article published in Manufacturing Chemists March issue on high containment retrofitting for existing tablet presses and capsule filling machines please click here