With 1 day to go our process experts are preparing for the annual Microsphere Summit – hosted by PSL.

With exclusive access to invaluable expertise in process development and the latest technology, the 2018 Microsphere Summit is the place for ideas and solutions to controlled release drug production.

  • Expert knowledge
  • Technology Demonstrations
  • Industry Insights

Guest speakers will include:

  • Pierre Landais, Business Manager Asia-Pacific from Powder Systems Limited
  • Marion Timmermans, Managing Director from EmulTech
  • Christian Dunne, Global Product Manager from Chargepoint
  • Craig Patrizio, Technical Director from C.O.P.E. (Center of Process Excellence)
  • Richard Chai, Technical Service Manager from Steris
  • Lucas(Yeong Sil) Lee, Senior Applications Manager from Edwards.


Come and have face to face consultations with process experts. Delegates can arrange FREE meeting with our sponsors Edwards, ChargePoint Technology, Emultech , Canty and PSL.

Arrange your individual consultations now and discus your specific requirements in a dedicated space. Email summit@powdersystems.com for more information.