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PSL has a complete range of contained vessel offloading solutions with down to nanograms containment levels. Our Isolators enable contained sampling and offloading from reactors, filters, filter dryers, dryers, mixers and other small-scale synthesis to full-scale production vessels. The level of containment can be selected to suit specific operating procedures.

PSL Isolators and Glove Boxes are all compliant with Good Manufacturing Practice (cGMP) and are designed in accordance with the required local and international regulations. PSL provide a standard 4mm stainless main body construction for precision-built systems designed for longevity. Our process specialists provide 3D models and full-scale mock-ups when necessary and assured containment to nanogram levels including Containment Performance Testing protocol.

PSL’s Drum Filling Systems provide refined containment and ergonomic designs that ensure effective and completely protected operations. Drum filling users can benefit from straightforward procedures including PSL’s double O-ring technology. Our Drum Filling Systems are specifically designed to suit requirements for operator exposure levels, product protection, cleaning regimes and powder properties.

PSL FlowBox Systems include a continuous liner that is loaded onto a 316 stainless steel chute by a bayonet−style cage. The liner can be loaded onto the cage using a stainless steel liner loading table, which makes the loading operation simpler and faster.

PSL’s Drum Filling Systems can greatly enhance production flexibility through utilising a common Contained Powder Handling for powders of varying potency. PSL’s single drum filling Isolators for multiple containment levels provides a successful working example.

We provide integration of discharging isolators with a wide range of vessels, and can supply complete process solutions with the integration of PSL’s filter dryers, filters and tray dryers.

PSL has refined its filter dryer harvesting isolator to increase yield productivity. PSL’s pioneering Heel Removal Glovebox can be mounted on the side of any filter dryer vessel and provides a complete product recovery during the offloading operation with raking tools and a unique discharge plug valve.

  • Assessment of powder transfer method and powder handling characteristics
  • Assessment of pressures or steam in place requirements
  • Systems to handle bags, drums, Rapid Transfer Ports (RTPs), split valves
  • PSL low profile pressure-rated plug valves
  • Pioneers of direct heel recovery system to improve productivity
  • Nitrogen purge system
  • Clean-in-place (CIP) system
  • Push or Pull offloading glovebox
  • Continuous Liner systems
  • Extraction booths and gloveboxes
  • Metering systems and Integrated Weighing systems
  • Automation
  • Roller track
  • Sampling
  • Safe change HEPA filters (push-push) remote design

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