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PSL’s dispensing isolators and sampling isolators are specifically designed for laboratories, QA, clinical trials and production facilities. Our dispensing isolators and sampling isolators can accommodate all sizes of pharmaceutical containers and achieve maximum containment levels. PSL’s advanced systems ensure that optimum operator safety and environment protection are assured at all times during the dispensing and sampling operations.

PSL Isolators and Glove Boxes are all compliant with Good Manufacturing Practice (cGMP) and are designed in accordance with the required local and international regulations. PSL provide a standard 4mm stainless main body construction for precision-built systems designed for longevity. Our process specialists provide 3D models and full scale mock-ups when necessary and assured containment to nanogram levels including Containment Performance Testing protocol.

  • Analysis of workflows including assessing ergonomics and functionality
  • Interface with interconnecting systems – determining powder handling through split valves, airlocks, Rapid Transfer Ports (RTPs) and bag-out ports
  • Completely integrated design including hoists, weigh systems, transfer devices, clean-in-place (CIP) and safety
  • Clean-in-place (CIP) system
  • Safe change HEPA filters (push-push) including remote design
  • Lift-up windows for ease of maintenance
  • Front and rear operator working positions
  • Functional safety interlocks
  • Ergonomically located display panel
  • Variable-speed automatic pressure control circuit
  • Mobile designs

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