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Introducing the GFD® family of Lab Nutsche Filter Dryers

The latest additions to the GFD® range from Powder Systems Limited provide users with a greater choice of configuration including vessel capacity, automation and a price to suit every budget.

The GFD® Filter Dryer is an innovative piece of laboratory synthesis equipment, working under vacuum and a maximum pressure of 4 barg (58 psi).
The vessel has a heated jacket for efficient drying and a unique removable filtration basket for ease of product collection.


Getting the right GFD for your process

The GFD range now comes in two product categories with the GFD®Lab and the GFD®Lab PLUS. Both offer the unique features of our Lab Filter Dryer but adaptable to suite your own requirements.

Available as the 010 Series (0.3L), 050 Series (2L) and 500 Series (10L)

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PSL’s proven Agitated Nutsche Filter Dryer technology

Agitated Nutsche Filter Drying (ANFD) is a batch filtration technique using vacuum and/or pressure in a closed vessel. The filtration technique uses PSL’s distinctive agitator design for excellent cake agitation in applications such as dye, paint, silicon, waste water treatment and pharmaceutical production.

The GFD® Filter Dryer overcomes challenges with commonly used methods of Buchner filtration and oven drying. Ideal for running feasibility studies and trials, the GFD® efficiently performs laboratory process development, with direct scale-up to pilot plant scale and commercial production.

Lab scale filtration and drying in one

The GFD® can be integrated in fume hoods while maintaining good process visibility, batch homogeneity and reduced product exposure.

  • Combined filtration and drying
  • Semi-automated operation
  • Removable filter basket
  • Interchangeable vessel sizes and materials
  • Variable Filtration media & pore size
  • Easy to use – plug and play installation
GFDLabPlus @2

The GFD®Lab PLUS retains all the same great features and benefits as the GFD®Lab, while also featuring full automation capability with the addition of a 4.3″ wide-aspect HMI/PLC.

This addition gives the operator peace of mind when it comes to accurately and precisely reproducing their process, thanks to the built-in recipe input and sequencing.

The vessel is available in glass Borosilicate or metallic options for higher pressure. A range of filtration material and porosities are also available to meet your needs.

  • Digital Display and touch screen
  • Fully automated operation
  • Recipe input and sequencing
  • Real-time values and graphs
  • Process data recording and export

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