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PSL’s MSR™ (MicroSphere Refiner) technology has been designed to meet lab-scale to commercial production requirements overcoming inherent challenges with traditional manufacturing methods of sieving and drying operations such as mesh blocking, poor particle size distribution, lengthy drying time, low yield and sterility issues.

The MSR™ range is an award winner allowing for the sterile filtration, classification, drying and harvesting of polymeric microspheres used as drug delivery devices such as PLA, PLGA or PMMA capsules.

MSR for R&D to small-scale Microsphere Formulation allow for high performance production of 50grams up to 5kgs of microsphere drug delivery devices.

Decades of experience in aseptic manufacturing has led PSL to develop the unique MicroSphere Refiner range for efficient microsphere formulation from small-scale processes up to commercial production. Polymeric microspheres are ideal vehicles for many controlled delivery applications due to their ability to encapsulate a variety of drugs, biocompatibility, high bioavailability and sustained drug release characteristics.

Polymeric microspheres are small spherical particles formulated as drug delivery devices for controlled release of medicine. New applications for microspheres are discovered every day from vaccine to cancer research. PSL develops groundbreaking solutions to manufacture microsphere drug delivery systems that work as miniature time release drug capsules.

Suspended microspheres obtained from various micro encapsulation processes require unique handling that differs from a typical sieving and drying operation. Microspheres are random in size and need to be filtered and classified into the micron size desired before drying. The PSL Microsphere Refiner has been designed to meet such criteria suitable for the formulation step of this advanced manufacturing process.

Our process experts developed this innovative technology to address ongoing manufacturing challenges encountered by professionals working on synthetic polymers (PLGA, PEG, Hydrogel, etc.) such as size classification, efficient filtration (no mesh blocking), homogeneous drying, aseptic recovery of product and direct process scale-up.


MSR™ for R&D to Small Scale

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