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PSL’s unique CakeStand™ tray dryer design overcomes the inherent difficulties with traditional tray dryers and provides proven heat uniformity across the heating plates, achieving a maximum recorded temperature variation of +/- 1°C. The modular design of our CakeStand™ vacuum tray dryers allows capacities from kilograms to large-scale production.

Direct tray heating:

  • Heating uniformity across the heating plates
  • Efficient direct heat transfer technology
  • Heated nitrogen or air sparge bar


Total ease of cleaning:

  • No hidden pockets or non-accessible gaps
  • Rounded edges and corners
  • All heating plates hang directly from the roof
  • Optimum drainability


Enhanced ergonomics:

  • Less opportunity for over-reaching or accidental spillage
  • Optimum tray size
  • Pivot door design
  • cGMP
  • Front and back access
  • Full vacuum and pressure control

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