From 7-9 October 2014, PSL is to exhibit two new ground-breaking products at CPhI-PMEC Worldwide, stand 1C69 in Paris Nord Villepinte, in France.

PSL will demonstrate its process development and scale-up technologies at the next worldwide CPhI with two pieces of process equipment on display. PSL develop unique solutions for the process development of microsphere formulation manufacturing.

pilot plant nutsche filter dryer
Simple Filter Dryer

After hosting a summit on the subject in September at their Liverpool facility, PSL will showcase the Mini Lab GFD® designed for filtration and drying of polymeric microsphere drug delivery devices on their stand. PSL process experts tuned up the standard Glass Filter Dryer for lab synthesis to make a unique filtration device for the formulation of micro particles from 5micon to
125micron. The Microsphere GFD allows a direct scale up from trial studies to pilot plant and commercial production with the MicrosphereRefiner™ technology. A Microsphere Refiner is an innovative system allowing the filtration under pressure, washing, drying under vacuum and sterile harvesting of microspheres.

Microsphere production is experiencing a fast growing demand due to its revolutionary characteristics and applications. Pharmaceutical drug manufacturers are facing new challenges during process scale-up from R&D stage to commercial formulation of microsphere drugs. Suspended microspheres obtained from various micro encapsulation processes require unique aseptic handling that differs from typical challenging sieving and nitrogen drying operations.
The new Pilot Plant Filter Dryer of PSL, the Simple Filter Dryer will also be on display on their stand 1C69. This pilot plant pressured filter dryer is designed for filtration, washing and drying of API and intermediates. The SFD also brings the best technology already available for pharmaceutical production of cytotoxic API to the chemical industry.

This pilot plant pressure vessel is polyvalent and features a heated insulated jacket for efficient drying, unique heated plate with filtration media support plate for enhanced drainability and side discharge plug. The latter allows to recover the totality of the finished product, safely using the GloveBag mounted on the discharge plug.

The GloveBag is the main new development in terms of accessories for explosion proof requirements, air sensitive product offloading with the nitrogen purge but also cleaner discharging operation. The GloveBag makes the SFD a true innovation in the field of pressure filtration and drying equipment for chemical applications. The Simple Filter Dryer is a cost-effective alternative to the costly investment of an agitated nutsche filter dryer (ANFD), tray dryer or similar, and stainless steel gloveboxes for product transfer and offloading. The capital investment and footprint is greatly reduced by using the SFD technology.

“PSL is delighted to join the CPhI-PMEC Worldwide event again this year. We are actually celebrating our 25th year of business in 2014, and it happens to be the 25 years anniversary of CPhI too!! We look forward to meeting with our long term partners and customers but also networking with new experts in the field of drug discovery and product development in the pharmaceutical industry!” says Rémy Wattiaux, PSL Managing Director.

Powder Systems Ltd (PSL) provides a full range of filtration, drying and contained powder handling products to worldwide industry leaders. From small-scale production to full process systems PSL’s isolation products provide containment to nanogram levels for handling highly potent APIs.

Visit us at CPhI-PMEC Worldwide, stand 1C69 to discover PSL’s extensive range of advanced process and containment solutions.