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  • Advances in high containment technologies 

    Camille Flores-Kilfoyle reports on a laboratory high containment filtration and drying facility.

    EuroLab, December Issue 2015

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    Improve Efficiency with Better Evaporation and Drying  

    For every application, there’s an evaporator or dryer that can boost performance.

    Chemical Engineering, September 2015 Issue

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  • An open Ear for Innovation

    Process Innovation Award nominates the Champions of Innovations 2015- A smartphone that understands pumps? A virtual chromatography process? An innovative materials? These and many more other developments have the potential to fundamentally change the industry. Anyone believing that all significant inventions in the process industry have already been made is much mistaken: At Achema 2015, we have searched for the innovation champions- with surprising results.

     Process Worldwide, September 2015 Issue

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  • Environmental Containment Performance- Is There Accountability?

    Engineered containment performance testing is more robust method for validating containment systems than worker-exposure measurements methods.

    Pharmaceutical Technology, August 2015 Issue

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    Prosperity, Success, Longevity

    Since Inside Industry last featured Powder Systems Limited in the magazine over a year ago, the company has enjoyed one of its best years in its 26 year history. 2014 saw revenue streams increase, Asian markets open, and a number of industry awards head in the direction of this international manufacturer of filtration, drying and complete containment solutions . Amanda Pitcher (who herself has recently made the step up to Managing Director) revealed to Daniel Barnes how 2015 looks set to be an even more successful year for the company.

    Inside Industry, July 2015 Issue

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  • Extra protection offered by containment technology

    Michelle Frisch highlights the benefits of high containment gloveboxes for laboratories.

    Cleanrooms have long been the preferred technology in pharmaceutical laboratories for providing environmental control when conducting different operations where the product or compound needed protection. But with their increasing potency, the active ingredients and compounds that are developed nowadays require added protection for both the operators and the environment.

    EuroLab, June 2015 Issue

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    Man_Chem_Dec14_microsphere-coverNew assembly lines for drugs using continuous flow concepts

    New technologies in the production of both small molecules and biological drugs are helping companies move towards continuous processes but the challenges are still significant.

    Manufacturing Chemist, April Issue, 2015

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  • Cleanroom_Technology_January15_Cover
    Containment comes in all shapes and sizes

    Containment systems come in many shapes and sizes – from modular room-sized units for use with whole suites of equipment, down to small bench-top units.

     Cleanroom Technology, January 2015 Issue

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