Engineering house combines high containment isolator with hygienic and efficient pharmaceutical sieving solution to provide customized unit

With a reputation as one of the original pioneers of containment technology, Powder Systems Limited (PSL) hold a wealth of experience designing and engineering advanced containment processes, supplying customized process equipment to the pharmaceutical, chemical, and laboratory industries worldwide. The company has a reputation for providing high quality solutions for the exact needs of their customers, and embrace the expertise of other equipment manufacturers to meet specific requirements.
When a leading pharmaceutical producer sought a totally contained sieving machine, PSL combined their expertise with Russell Finex, global leaders in separation technology, to provide a customized solution. With a customer base including Pfizer, GSK, Wyeth and Sanofi-Aventis and many others around the world, Russell Finex’s reputation for providing high-quality pharmaceutical screeners was an important factor behind its selection.
Sylvain Querol, PSL Tendering Manager Europe said “The pharmaceutical industry is one that requires the most accurate, reliable and hygienic equipment, and Russell’s ability to combine these requirements with a design customized to our technology was key for the end user.”

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