PSL-P-MEC-Europe-standPSL is to exhibit their latest innovation in high containment laboratory glass filtration and drying – the GFD™ FilterBox isolator at P-MEC India.

Powder Systems Ltd (PSL) a world-leading manufacturer of filtration, drying and high containment isolator solutions for pharmaceutical, biopharmaceutical, chemical and laboratory industries will be presenting their product range at P-MEC India. PSL’s products fulfil laboratory, R&D, production and full process system requirements.

PSL will be demonstrating their GFD™ FilterBox isolator at P-MEC India which consists of a 0.002m² (MINI LAB GFD), 0.01m² (LAB GFD), or 0.05m² (MAXI LAB GFD) glass filter dryer within a high containment acrylic or stainless steel glovebox. The GFD FilterBox isolator protects both the product and operator when handling highly potent APIs and other highly active or cytotoxic compounds.

PSL has been established for 22 years and is an original pioneer of high containment systems. PSL has significant experience designing and engineering advanced process systems for highly potent and valuable products including sterile, oncology, hormone and many other pharmaceutical compounds.

PSL’s products enable major blue-chip companies including the top 10 global pharmaceutical organisations such as Pfizer, GSK, BMS and Sanofi-Aventis to bring new generation drugs into the market place faster, using the latest technology in containment and production equipment. PSL has business units and distributors across the world to easily assist their global customer base.

PSL’s filtration solutions include the laboratory glass filter dryer (GFD™), simplefilter and pilot plant/production agitated nutsche filter dryers (ANFDs). All filter dryer designs incorporate high levels of safety and quality whilst meeting required industry regulations and can include high containment glove box technology.

PSL’s isolation solutions provide high containment to nanogram level and include products for the following applications; dispensing and sampling, charging, drum filling, off-loading, milling and micronizing, sieving and tray drying. PSL’s latest tray drying CakeStand technology incorporates a unique heat transfer system, generating total heat uniformity across all heating plates.

Visit PSL CPhI/P-MEC India (stand F50) to see their latest innovation in high containment laboratory glass filtration and drying – the GFD FilterBox isolator.

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