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Meet the team: Jun-Kai Ooi

November 24, 2020

Many of you already know Kai, our very own colleague from Singapore. For those who have not met him yet at industry trade-shows in Asia-Pacific or as part of our recent webinar series, please connect with him and rely on his unique process expertise. We have been fortunate to have been working with Kai for the last five and half years and are thankful for all his hard work and dedication. Keep it up, Happy Kai!

What is your current role at PSL?
Business Development Manager, Asia-Pacific

What do you enjoy about working at PSL?
I like how I was able to grow and learn at PSL over the years and be part of complex technical projects. I am grateful to my global colleagues for their support and dedication.

What do you enjoy doing outside work hours?
I really enjoy travelling and discovering new cultures and I can’t wait our world to get over the COVID-19 pandemic. As we say, “we travel not to escape life, but for LIFE not to escape us”. I find this very true.

Home / Meet the team: Jun-Kai Ooi